How Social Media Affects Mental Health

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How Social Media Affects Mental Health

The prevalence of social media use in our daily lives is unavoidable, addictive, and all-consuming. While there are some who still frown upon it, the majority of people embrace it, and use it to their advantage. You’d be hard-pressed nowadays to find a company that doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram page. And why shouldn’t they? For business and marketing purposes, social media is genius. But for the individuals who merely want celebrity and friend updates, frequent use inflicts more harm than it helps. Social media absolutely affects mental health. And the emotional effects can be quite detrimental. Whatever issue you may be dealing with, Group Psychotherapy Westchester NY services will give you excellent care. Our highly trained professionals have a range of expertise.

Feelings of Envy

It’s very easy to find yourself mindlessly scrolling through other people’s pictures on Facebook or Instagram. What’s not so mindless, though, is how we internalize what we’re seeing. We can’t help ourselves from comparing our lives to others’, wishing for things that our social media friends “supposedly” have or do. The feeling of envy deepens every time we click a picture. We judge ourselves when we see people in perfectly-posed, sun-shining-in-the-background photos. “Why can’t my life be as exciting as theirs?” The filters people use to touch up their faces are complete falsifications of how someone really looks. But yet it’s hard for us to admit that we know this is true. The only photo we see is the “perfect” one that was chosen from the dozen of attempts. These feelings of envy can make us lack self confidence, feel inferior, and experience irritability.

Ways to Reduce Negative Feelings

Limiting social media use is the answer to reducing these negative feelings. Although easier said than done, instead of spending hours away clicking and swiping, put the phone down, close your eyes, and just be with yourself. It is very easy to underestimate the power of introspection. When we feel bored, we often find a displacement activity to do. Many of us don’t take the time to talk to ourselves. This doesn’t have to mean out loud. But if we listen to our thoughts, what our inner selves are saying, the results can be astounding. Being in touch with ourselves will make a world of difference when it comes to reducing feelings of negativity. Meditation and mindfulness practices are highly effective in improving and regulating mood.

Being mindful of our mental health should not go overlooked. As prevalent as social media is in our daily lives, it is important to make a concerted effort to reduce how much we use it. If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, please call us at the Counseling Center to schedule an appointment at (914) 793-3388. Group Psychotherapy Westchester NY services have offices all over New York State in order to give you the care you need.