At The Counseling Center

we help people solve problems, wrestle with painful or confusing feelings and navigate through difficult times. Our goal is to help people build new and expanded lives for themselves. Whether you are seeking individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, family therapy or pastoral counseling, we can provide you with the guidance and support you need. We are a group of highly trained psychotherapists with varying areas of specialization. We do not believe that there is one kind of psychotherapy that works for every person. Our therapists work with clients to tailor the treatment to each person’s unique needs.

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Child & Family Therapy

Realizing your child could benefit from psychotherapy is often a gradual process. It can involve feedback from teachers and school administrators, or sometimes from family and friends.
Alternatively, a parent may observe his or her own child, and slowly awaken to the idea that his or her child needs support. This realization can be...

Marriage/Couples Counseling

There are many issues in a relationship that couples therapy can help to resolve. Some specific areas where we can help include:
- Chronic/ repetitive arguments that never get adequately resolved
- Angry exchanges in which the anger escalates to an uncomfortable level.
- Conflicting philosophies about parenting strategies and difficulty reaching compromise
- Intimacy problems
- Infidelity

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With the help of a skilled couples therapist, partners can learn new, more effective ways of speaking and listening to one another. And they can also learn to recognize what makes things go wrong in the relationship and how both members of a couple feed into these destructive patterns. By working in couples therapy, people ultimately learn how to create the intimate loving relationship that they truly want.

Individual Psychotherapy

All of the psychotherapists at The Counseling Center are trained in individual psychotherapy and have a minimum of 20 years of experience in the field.

All clinicians are licensed by the state of New York. The process of therapy begins by meeting with a member of our staff for an initial evaluation. During this time, which usually lasts 1-3 sessions, the therapist hears about what is bringing the person in for help, and together the therapist and client discuss a treatment plan.

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Group & Career

Group psychotherapy is a type of therapy that involves one or more psychotherapists meeting with several individuals together. Groups can be formed around a theme, such as bereavement, divorce recovery, trauma or parenting…… or they can be open-ended psychotherapy groups. Some groups are time-limited while some are ongoing.

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Life Transitions

We all experience life transitions during the course of our lives. Some emerge quite predictably and naturally like getting a first job, becoming a parent, seeing children off to college, helping parents as they age or facing retirement...

Others occur unexpectedly and traumatically, such as facing a divorce, the death of a spouse, the loss of a job or a serious illness. All transitions, whether expected or not, involve moving from a known and practiced situation to one which is unfamiliar and not yet established.

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