Substance Abuse Counseling Westchester NY

Substance Abuse Counseling Westchester NY

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight. It is a slow and subtle process that It only reveals itself once it has already gained its power over the individual. By that time, quitting almost feels impossible. We’re here to tell you that quitting is not impossible, no matter the circumstances. With the right guidance and motivation, you’ll have the power to turn things around. It all starts with you recognizing that it’s time for a change.

Who We Are and How We Can Help

The Counseling Center is a collection of psychotherapists with a variety of specializations and expertise. We offer substance abuse counseling to patients of all ages, including adolescents and young adults. We’ll work with you and your family, using individualized care, in pursuit of finding a common goal to get things back on track.

What We Do

We don’t believe that any one kind of psychotherapy works for everyone. That’s why we like to draw from a diverse and varied background of methodologies and expertise in the field of psychotherapy and substance abuse counseling.

The New You

Recovery begins by recognizing a small collection of fundamental facts. The first is that while this is not the person you want to be, your current state need to be your permanent reality. Your habits are having an adversely negative effect on your physical wellbeing and on the relationships with the people around you. But with hard work, you will have the power to control those habits and move forward in life.

You Are Not Alone

People close to you want to help you. And when you allow them to do so, you have the potential to greatly improve your life and the lives others. If you give us a chance, we can assist in understanding the nature of your habits, where they come from, and what you must do to keep them from controlling you.

The Healing Starts Here

Learn more about how the Counseling Center’s Substance Abuse Counseling Westchester NY Services can help you lead a happier and healthier life. Give us a call today at 914-793-3388.