Natalie Ryder Redcross, Ph.D.

Natalie Ryder Redcross, Ph.D., MFT-I

Natalie Ryder Redcross, Ph.D., MFT-I is an intern at The Counseling Center. She focuses on challenges related to developing coping strategies, racial trauma, anxiety, family dynamics, career obstacles, and communication barriers for adults, couples and families. Dr. Redcross uses integrative and collaborative therapeutic styles, tailoring her approach based on what she learns from clients, and using the strengths and inherent gifts they possess as a guide.

Given her 18 years as a researcher and professor of communication, Dr. Redcross and her clients work together to acknowledge and appreciate innate communication abilities with honesty, clarity, and optimism. For couples, her priority is to serve as the advocate for the relationship, offering perspectives
that guide couples toward identifying and unpacking the impactful contributions they bring to the partnership. The end goal: to gain a deep understanding of themselves and their partner as they work toward healing.

With older adults and families caring for elders, Dr. Redcross applies her experience with aging family members and draws on Dignity Therapy to honor and respect long-lived lives, achievements, and memories.

Dr. Redcross received her BA and MS degrees from Iona University, and her Ph.D. in Communication and Culture from Howard University. She is currently pursuing her second Masters in Marriage and Family
Therapy at Iona University.

Natalie Ryder Redcross