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    There is no such thing as a perfect family. Every single family on earth has its problems. People are not perfect beings and sometimes we all have a tendency to hurt each other. Family problems reveal themselves in unpredictable shapes and sizes that usually leave all parties involved frustrated and dissatisfied. Problems can start as a series of seemingly harmless but cumulatively hurtful comments that build toward bitter resentment. Often times, there’s something far deeper than the immediate incident. The most important thing to keep in mind is that everyone has been through these issues in some form or another.

    The distinguishing factor between a healthy family and the opposite is not the lack of problems, but rather, the effort put forth by each member to work through the problems they have in pursuit of a solution. Sometimes, that effort requires a push from a professional. Sometimes, a bit of guidance can make a world of difference. Let us help you make sense of this mess, so that you and your family can get to work rebuilding what you had before. If you and your family have encountered any of the following symptoms or issues, you could improve your life tremendously with the help of our family counseling Westchester NY services.


    Financial problems

    Money has been the catalyst of more ruined relationships than any other factor in existence. It is an unfortunate yet very real truth of life that money has divided people for as long as time. That which at one point didn’t matter all of a sudden has left you resenting your loved ones. You’re not proud of these emotions but you just can’t seem to get away from them. The fact that you recognize that you are not happy is a start. Let us help you break the issue down and build a plan with which you and everyone will be more content and satisfied.


    We all cope in different ways. Grief is that lingering feeling that can leave an individual virtually incapacitated if not handled properly. There’s no right answer, but there are a number of wrong ones. You have a right to be loved and to love the members of your family. And no matter what happened in the past, no matter who you or someone close to you may have lost, you should never forget about that right.

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    School is when the world forces itself into a child’s life in every shape and form, all at once. It is overwhelming in every sense of the word. At this age, students are forced to maintain their academic performance while encountering an assortment of unexplored emotions and social politics, simultaneously. This phase is confusing and has always left parents in a difficult position. Communication often suffers in this phase of life. But it doesn’t have to. We can help.

    Mental health and behavioral issues

    If you have a family member who suffers from a mental illness, you have probably encountered a fair share of challenges in connecting with him or her. You want the best for everyone in your family but you just can’t figure out what it takes to give it to them. The Counseling Center can help you make sense of it all.

    You and your family deserve better. Give us the opportunity to build a plan, and together we’ll make your family feel whole again. For more information on our family counseling Westchester NY services give The Counseling Center a call today at 914-793-3388.

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