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    Counseling Center’s Child Therapy Westchester NY Services Can Bring Your Family Together

    To say growing up is confusing is an understatement. Every step of the way involves a completely new and overwhelming phase of unknown emotions, experiences and challenges. For the first time in life, your child has to balance a social life with academics, sports, clubs, and/or other extracurricular activities. All of this takes place simultaneously while your child is forced to confront his or her changing hormones in the midst of puberty. Your child is experiencing physical transformation at a time in which he or her is in the most sensitive emotional state of life thus far. And through it all, it’s only natural that your child grows distant. Because this is the first time in your child’s life in which he or she does not have to depend on you. And you owe your kid that independence.

    But along that same token, you also have every right to be concerned over your child’s wellbeing. Most importantly, you should never forget that this difficult phase of life does not have to be at the expense of your relationship with your kid. With our child therapy Westchester NY services, you can work through the tough times together and come out stronger than ever. The first step is addressing the problems. If you’ve noticed any of the following symptoms, it could be time to give the Counseling Center a call.

    school struggles

    Your child is struggling in school

    You have a bright and talented young boy or girl who may one day bring peace to the world. The chances are that if your child is not performing well in school, that there is something deeper going on with him or her that goes far beyond the actual classes. In most cases, all that’s needed is a bit of guidance and you will witness your child reaching his or her true potential. It will be your responsibility to give your child the physical and emotional resources to be his or her best.

    You notice your child distancing him/herself from a social life

    If you ever hear your kid suggest that he or she is a loser, or that no one wants to hang out with him or her, that’s a sign that you need to have a talk. A good one, about how important, cool, and valuable your child is. But it’s more than likely that your child will need more than just a talk to clear the air. The chances are your child is going through a very difficult and confusing time. With a professional counselor, you can help your child understand his or her feelings and overcome those negative emotions.

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    You’ve noticed a change in appetite, sleeping habits, or general demeanor

    Just as is the case with adults, all three of the above are signs of depression. They could be circumstantial or or chemical. They could be the result of a newly born sibling, an issue at school, or a problem with something you’ve either knowingly or unknowingly done to upset him or her. You’ll want to get to the bottom of this before it gets worse.

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