Janice Moore Joins The Counseling Center


Janice Moore Joins The Counseling Center

By Ellen Edwards, Board Member, The Counseling Center

Oct. 15, 2022: Virgil Roberson, Executive Director, and Jennifer Naparstek Klein, Clinical Director, are delighted to announce that Janice Moore, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has joined the staff of The Counseling Center.

A graduate of New York University’s Silver School of Social Work, Janice comes to The Counseling Center with twenty years of experience in various clinical settings and private practice.  She has treated both late adolescents and adults in college counseling centers, including Sarah Lawrence College, Berkeley College, Mercy College, and Rockland Community College, where she was also tenured faculty.

Janice specializes in anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and adjustment disorders.  She has helped young professionals navigate new roles in business and personal relationships.  For those who find that life has become unmanageable and they’re unable to function; for those who aren’t able to bounce back from challenges in a way that feels fulfilling; and for those who can’t tolerate having to make constant changes and adjustments, Janice suggests that therapy can help them accomplish these difficult transitions.

Janice has found that the Covid 19 pandemic intensified people’s anxiety, depression, and sense of loss.  Many experienced very real losses—of jobs, loved ones, and their definition of “normal.”  For others who were already anxious, Covid lockdowns interfered with their usual coping mechanisms.  Covid brought changes to work patterns, to relationships that suddenly didn’t “fit” anymore, and to expectations of the future.  Often, she finds, therapy can help people adjust to these challenging times.

Like many people during Covid and afterward, Janice also found herself reassessing her career and life choices.  Although teletherapy provided a lifeline for herself and her clients during the pandemic, she missed in-person sessions.  Her preference for a more structured work week became clear to her.  Meanwhile as her private practice with long term clients took off, she began to realize a world of possibilities beyond the short-term work at college counseling centers that had been an important part of her career. Her ideal work setting would be a place where her curiosity, love of learning, and desire for community were all appreciated.

In The Counseling Center Janice has found her “work home.” Here, she’s able to continue working with students through the Center’s collaboration with Sarah Lawrence College (where, incidentally, she originally began her training) while also expanding the types of clients she takes on.  Already, she says, she’s begun using different parts of herself by working with people of many different ages and backgrounds. She’s eager to take on new clients.

The Counseling Center’s collegiality also appeals to Janice.  Many mental health practices are so large that therapists don’t know each other and rarely work together.  In contrast, The Counseling Center’s small size, focus on collaboration, and emphasis on providing therapy of the highest quality make it a place where Janice can learn from others, deepen her expertise, and in turn, help her clients thrive.

Janice’s approach is warm and collaborative, interactive and action oriented.  She tailors her treatment to her clients, adjusting her style to fit their needs.  Her goal is to empower them to live their best lives, and to support them on that journey.

Having served people in New York City and throughout northern Westchester, Janice is comfortable with teletherapy and in-person therapy, as well as with hybrid models.  For some, teletherapy best accommodates their schedules; others don’t think they need in-person therapy but haven’t yet tried it. At The Counseling Center, she’s open to whatever works best for her clients.

The staff and board of The Counseling Center appreciate the many therapeutic gifts that Janice Moore brings to her work and extends to her a warm welcome!

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