Marriage and Family Therapist Jennifer Jordan Joins The Counseling Center By Ellen Edwards, Board, The Counseling Center.


Marriage and Family Therapist Jennifer Jordan Joins The Counseling Center By Ellen Edwards, Board, The Counseling Center.

Virgil Roberson, Executive Director, is delighted to announce that Jennifer Jordan, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, has joined the staff of The Counseling Center.

Jennifer works with individuals, couples, and families who are facing personal and interpersonal challenges. She consults with individuals who are confronted by depression and anxiety, trauma and loss, and who are adjusting to new circumstances and stressors.  She assists couples to enhance communication, mutual understanding, intimacy and relationship satisfaction.  And she collaborates with parents and families to help them adjust to life transitions that often require a renegotiation of roles and expectations.

Trained in relational therapy, Jennifer helps all clients explore the interplay between their individual needs and the broader contexts of their lives. “No one exists in a vacuum.  We all impact and are impacted by those around us – our family, friends, community, and culture,” she explains. “It’s important to understand how these contexts shape us and how to find our individuality in the midst of valued togetherness.”

Jennifer finds that by examining the intersection of one’s inner life and external influences, clients can find many entry points for growth and healing. For her, there is no one right way, but instead many avenues to facilitate change.  “For the client, this is empowering,” she observes. “And, ultimately,  pragmatic solutions mined from the client’s own experiences and strengths become key to improved well-being.”

She notes that the ongoing Covid crisis has created an unprecedented context of stress.  As a result, anxiety, isolation, and interpersonal conflict have played larger roles in the issues her clients bring to therapy.  During the pandemic she has been meeting most clients remotely, pleased by how meaningful and effective virtual sessions have proven to be.  Many people prefer sessions with video, which can foster a unique intimacy. For others, phone conversations have worked well; without visual cues, listening becomes more attuned, and some clients open up precisely because no one is looking at them.

Jennifer received her undergraduate degree from Yale University, her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Iona College, and her license from the state of New York. In addition to serving part-time at The Counseling Center while completing her training, she gained intensive clinical experience at the Iona Family Therapy Center and at Family Services of Westchester.  In all three settings she acquired broad experience while helping clients from diverse backgrounds address a wide range of concerns.  A Westchester native who has raised a family in the area, Jennifer brings to her clients an understanding of the communities they call home.

Jennifer values the warmth and camaraderie of The Counseling Center staff.  She says, “It is an honor to work here—to be surrounded by such caring, compassionate and wise colleagues who are generous with their insight and experience.” Noting that, once hired, staff members tend to stay at The Counseling Center for many years, she added, “That is a testament to the group—to the way they all nurture and support each other, just as they do their clients.”

The staff and board of The Counseling Center are thrilled to welcome Jennifer Jordan as a full staff member and are grateful for the unique gifts as a psychotherapist that she brings to the community.

Here at The Counseling Center in Bronxville we are continuing to offer therapy with individuals, couples, and families, through video platforms, telephonically, or in person.  Please feel free to reach out if we can help, by calling Clinical Director Dr. Jennifer Klein, 914-793-3388.