You’re Invited To The Counseling Center’s Virtual Gala By Ellen Edwards, Board of The Counseling Center


You’re Invited To The Counseling Center’s Virtual Gala By Ellen Edwards, Board of The Counseling Center

During this difficult time, maintaining good mental health is more important—and more challenging—than ever.  For many, the stresses can be overwhelming.  That’s why The Counseling Center, located in Bronxville, is such a valuable resource.  And why we hope you will support our efforts by attending our virtual gala, which we’re calling “Covid Relief,” on October 29, 7-8 p.m.


By logging on to our virtual platform, you may join us for a short video presentation by Virgil Roberson, Executive Director, who will explain the vital work of  The Counseling Center, a non-profit organization with a staff of nine therapists which offers counseling for all ages, as individuals or couples, for a wide variety of mental health concerns.  In particular, Virgil will describe our program to support those in need who are not in a positon to pay full-fee for our services.


A lively MC will show you how to participate in a paddle raise and to buy tickets to a raffle of three baskets, which may include spa services, bottles of wine, or delicacies from a local food shop.  And, of course, there will be a button to offer a simple donation.


If you’d like to make the hour even more festive, you’ll have the chance to pre-register to purchase a pre-packaged meal from Scarborough Fair and/or a bottle of wine from another local merchant, to be delivered to your home.  There may also be an opportunity a few minutes before the official kick-off to participate in a virtual “roll call” to meet with some of the attendees in their homes via Zoom.


Since March, Covid-19 has brought many disruptions and losses to our lives, and placed limitations on our normal activities.  Though the pain has fallen harder on some than on others, no part of our community has been spared. Many are experiencing unprecedented mental stress. Those with pre-existing mental health conditions have been especially vulnerable.


The Counseling Center has sought to expand its work to meet this swelling need.  As we approach this fall and winter, with cold weather forcing us back into our homes and some people suffering from further losses, or from a delayed response to loss, we expect to see the need for mental health services become even greater.


Some of our staff continues to work remotely while others have returned to our offices at the Reformed Church.  We follow strict safety protocols in our offices and seek to provide a setting that ensures clients feel comfortable. With your financial support, we can make all the difference in helping those in the Bronxville community, and beyond, begin to heal from the myriad mental health challenges brought about by Covid-19.


For more information and the latest updates, go to  For questions about the gala, email To speak with a clinical professional, call 914-793-3388 ext. 122.  Or, to make a donation now go to our website and click on the donate button in the upper right-hand corner.