What to Do When You Aren’t Fond of Your Spouse’s Friend

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What to Do When You Aren’t Fond of Your Spouse’s Friend

Marriage can be one of the best parts of the human experience. It can also be a significantly challenging partnership. A rewarding and satisfying marriage requires both partners to make individual sacrifices for the sake of the partnership. There might be times when conflicts arise, but it’s important to remember that compromises can always be made.

One of the most difficult things to overcome in a marriage is when one member of the couple doesn’t like one of his or her spouse’s friends. It might not seem like a big problem at first, but a marriage can suffer a great deal when this issue arises. If you are experiencing marital discord in Eastchester, NY, and need some help talking things over with a professional, the Counseling Center is at your service. Our couples counseling in Eastchester can provide a safe environment for you and your spouse to discuss any issues and get back to a healthy relationship.

It’s easy to understand why when you don’t like your spouse’s friend, it can cause significant strain on a relationship. You might view your spouse’s friend as a bad influence or as someone who is taking time away from you and your significant other. Jealousy can be a very toxic feeling that can lead to a variety of marital problems. It’s vital to understand that even though you might not like your spouse’s friend, they still should be free to spend time with them and have their own personal life.

If you acknowledge the fact that friends are always a powerful force in someone’s life, you will be one step closer to accepting that choosing one’s own friends is an important “right” in any marriage. Attempting to control who your spouse spends time with will only breed resentment and conflict. Talking things over with your spouse is always a great idea, particularly, if you are concerned about something. Let them know how you feel about your friend and if you are feeling jealousy or missing your spouse due to the time they spend with the friend in question. Avoiding talking through your issues is a recipe for disaster in a marriage.

Another great idea is to try to comprehend any concerns that your spouse has about you and your friend. They might have some great points. Empathy is crucial for any relationship. Try to avoid issuing ultimatums to your significant other. Just because you don’t like their friend, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be allowed to spend time with the people that are important to them. If you need some help working through any marital issues, the Counseling Center offers marriage counseling in Eastchester to assist you in working through your relationship issues and get back to enjoying a happy marriage and deepening your connection with your spouse.