The Value to Be Found in Quitting

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The Value to Be Found in Quitting

Sometimes, quitting can be the gateway to success. When we are working on big projects in our lives, those projects tend to require complete dedication and lots of time to complete. Knowing when to cut your losses on certain things is a crucial life skill. You simply don’t have enough time to do everything, which is why quitting with the future in mind, or “strategic quitting”, is such a valuable mindset to adopt.

The real winners in life know when to quit and when their current path is not helping them reach their goals and dreams. The word “quit” tends to have negative connotations, but we want to emphasize the value that can be found in quitting. This article is brought to you by the Counseling Center. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are looking for guidance, the Counseling Center can provide psychotherapy in Tuckahoe, NY that can get you on the right track.

The concept of opportunity costs is one of the most vital concepts to understand in life. If you are working on one thing, you will have to forgo others. Time is a finite resource. For every hour you spend watching Netflix or working on a project you aren’t passionate about, you could be working towards your goals or learning a new skill. It’s always important to remember this concept, especially if you feel you aren’t making the most out of your time. Recognize when you are spending too much time on something that is not productive.

Quitting a task or project when it is not allowing you to achieve your maximum potential is easier said than done. We live in a society of constant stimulation. Cellphones, television, and the internet are all competing for your time. It’s so easy to shut your mind off and watch some Netflix, but walking away from that temptation might be the most important thing you do.

When there are so many distractions and things competing for your time, you simply have to prioritize how you are spending your days to become successful. Another difficulty is the idea of your time spent on something being a sunk cost. Sure, you won’t ever get that time back, but quitting something that isn’t helping you achieve your goals to spend your time in a more valuable manner is worth the cost.

We hope the points mentioned above have helped you realize the value that strategic quitting can provide in your life. If you would like to discuss prioritizing your time or are seeking psychotherapy in Eastchester, NY, the Counseling Center would love the opportunity to help you take strides towards becoming your best self.