5 Ways to Deal with Separation Anxiety

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5 Ways to Deal with Separation Anxiety

For most parents, spending time with your children every day is a cherished gift. You dedicate your life to raising children the moment they are born and never look back. One of the toughest times in a child’s life is when they are first getting accustomed to not having their parents around all of the time. This can occur before they turn one and up through their adolescent years, and is called separation anxiety.

Temper tantrums, clinginess, and crying are all examples of separation anxiety that occur in children and adolescents. The intensity of separation anxiety varies from child to child, but for some, it lasts for a much longer duration than others. If you are trying to deal with separation anxiety for your child or adolescent, we have prepared a list below to provide some guidance. It details 5 ways to deal with separation anxiety and should be a great tool for you as you navigate through the condition.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice spending time away from your child, the more accustomed they will be to the feeling. You can leave your child with a caregiver, family member, or friends to help them get used to life without their parents. As they get more and more used to spending time without you, you can extend the time periods that you are away.

  1. Have a Quick “Goodbye” Ritual

When you are saying goodbye to your child, keep things simple and quick to avoid exacerbating the situation. Give them a quick kiss or hug, or perhaps a unique wave goodbye, when you are leaving. Sticking to a simple goodbye ritual will go far in helping them overcome their separation anxiety.

  1. Stick to your Promises

Leaving your child alone can be a very stressful thing for young minds to fathom. That’s why sticking to your promises, like when you are coming back to see them, is key to helping them overcome their separation anxiety. If they can trust you and believe they will see you at the time you mentioned, they will be more inclined to avoid throwing a fit when you leave each time.

  1. Seek Professional Help

If you have tried to help your child with their separation anxiety on their own to no avail, you can always try hiring professionals for additional help. The Counseling Center provides separation anxiety counseling in Tuckahoe, NY and can help your child get over their anxiety quickly. Additionally, for those with older children seeking adolescent separation anxiety counseling in Westchester, NY, The Counseling Center is here to help!

Separation anxiety is not an easy thing for parents to deal with, especially since it often involves forcing their children to get out of their comfort zones and make big changes in their lives. We hope that the 4 tips mentioned above can make a lasting impact and point you in the right direction towards dealing with separation anxiety. If you are seeking professional separation anxiety counseling in Eastchester, NY, The Counseling Center would love the opportunity to help!