Harm Reduction: Getting Addiction Under Control Even If You’re Not Ready To Quit

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Harm Reduction: Getting Addiction Under Control Even If You’re Not Ready To Quit

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Substance abuse is deeply ingrained in our culture. From the use of illegal drugs like cocaine and crystal meth for recreation with friends, to the use of prescription medication for pain relief, to the excessive consumption of alcohol, which we encourage as a society at all phases of our adult lives, circumventing drug and alcohol use in modern western society has been beyond challenging for generations. One of the most difficult aspects of giving up a substance how it would affect one’s social life. It’s common to build social circles around the use and often abuse of a substance. Would you like to get your addiction under control but are not ready to give it up completely? Follow these principles to reduce the harm you’re inflicting on yourself.

Acceptance Of Certain Realities

Completely removing the mere presence of a substance that once consumed your life in its entirety can be near impossible. The first step towards a healthier future is accepting the substance will continue to be a part of your world. Your goal, thus, must be to minimize its effects, rather than pretend it doesn’t exist at all. This way, you need not distance yourself from friends. Just recognize that your goal from this point forward is to be a more conscious and cautious consumer of it.

Seek Understanding On How The Drug Affects Your Behavior

The more you understand about the substance, the more conscious you’ll be of how it affects your emotions and behavior. This, in turn, will help inspire you to want to be more conscious of your intake of the substance. Be conscious of your intake and how each amount affects you. You can use this information to be more cautious with your intake in the future. If you find you notice you get belligerent after a certain number of drinks, avoid drinking that much next time.

Focus More On Your Life And Wellbeing Instead Of On The Drug

The goal is to better yourself. Focus on your physical and mental health and how you can become a more contributing member of your community. This will help you recognize that your abuse of a substance is preventing you from meeting this goal. You’ll have more motivation to monitor your use of the substance without having to commit to full cessation.

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