Why Do People Come To The Counseling Center?


Why Do People Come To The Counseling Center?

The Counseling Center is a group of 9 therapists, several of whom specialize in addiction and substance abuse counseling Westchester NY services. We utilize a diverse mix of backgrounds and the warmth and understanding that you’ve been searching for. The Counseling Center is where lies the path towards a brighter and healthier future. It’s a place of comfort, where you can explore all potential avenues towards finding a solution to the obstacles that life has laid out for you. We’ll help you locate the core roots of the challenges you face in life. And together, we will come up with a clearly defined plan towards leaving those challenges behind.

Why do people come to the Counseling Center? Simple. Because they’re ready for a change. They have discovered something in their lives that they would like to tackle but they’re not quite sure how to go about doing so. And so they come to us for help. We provide the keys. We open the doors. And we give the encouragement one needs in order to walk through them.

While we recognize that every patient is different, we also draw from years of experience, having treated patients with a wide range of issues. This experience has allowed us to sharpen our skills and more effectively tend to our patients’ needs. Below are some of the kinds of issues in which we specialize.


Do you get urges to take late night trips to the casino with money that you know you cannot afford to be spending? Have these urges prevented you from giving love and attention to the people who are most important to you in life? We’ll help you understand the triggers, what causes them, and how to control them.


Do you find yourself constantly falling into harmful, one-sided relationships? Do you feel that most of the significant others of your life have been more destructive than empowering? Co-dependency, also referred to as ‘relationship addiction’, is often a byproduct of something deeper. It is usually a tendency that one learns from his or her upbringing and stems from other forms of addiction. We’ll help you understand your tendencies so you can move on to healthier relationships moving forward.

Substance Abuse

If you have found yourself at a point where you can no longer control your intake of alcohol, opioids, over the counter drugs, and/or other controlled substances, you are not alone. There is a growing crisis in the United States that we can no longer ignore. It’s time to address this issue head on. If you are struggling with substance abuse and want help, the Counseling Center is an ideal place to start. In addition to therapy, we also can connect you to health centers to help you work through the physical challenges of withdrawal. While we are not an in house, inpatient clinic, we are a resource center to get you the mental and physical help you need.

Other Forms Of Addiction Or Mental Illness

For whatever stress, feelings of unworthiness, sadness, depression, or unhealthy habits or tendencies that you feel have taken your better half hostage, we want to help you with it. The Counseling Center is where you leave this side of you in the past and look towards the future.

For more information, call the Counseling Center today at (914) 793-3388 and ask about our addiction and substance abuse counseling Westchester NY services.