How To Overcome A Gambling Addiction


How To Overcome A Gambling Addiction

When we think of addiction, most people assume we’re talking about drug and/or alcohol abuse. And while these are indeed issues that deserve our full attention, we should not let them overshadow the other forms of addiction that are equally debilitating. For instance, gambling addiction is an extremely common and all too rarely discussed weakness that many Americans deal with every day. Those who refrain from treating it run the risk of experiencing any number of dire consequences, including bankruptcy, familial estrangement, high levels of anxiety, and severe depression. If you feel you may have a gambling addiction, here are some measures you can take to overcome it.

Fill Your Day So You’re Too Busy To Gamble

There are a number of advantages to this strategy. Firstly, at the end of the day, you’ll be exhausted, with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve accomplished something. There are any number of ways to fill your day with obligations that will keep your mind and body too busy for a visit to the casino. Make a list at the start of each day with goals that you absolutely must achieve by day’s end. Include in the list specific times that you plan to do them. This way, at no point will you feel the temptation to fit in a trip to the casino in between tasks because every minute of everyday you will have already accounted for.

Harness The Devastation Of Losing Whenever You Feel The Urge

That pain in your gut the last time you watched your paycheck evaporate before your eyes, hold on to it. That’s motivation for then next time you feel the temptation to make a reckless decision. Never forget how quickly it disappeared and how it impacted you. Don’t forget all the pain you’ve put your loved ones through when it happened. It’s not a happy memory and we usually try to wipe those feelings under the rug. But sometimes they can be instrumental toward protecting you from making the same mistake again.

Read Up On The Causes And What Are Some Ways To Prevent It From Getting Worse

The more you educate yourself on the nature of the addiction, the more effectively you’ll manage to keep it under control. By understanding the core of the issue, you can more easily recognize the patterns that you’ve developed over time, which will allow you to take the necessary steps towards reversing them.

Find Help From A Professional You Can Count On

The Counseling Center is a group of 9 therapists. In addition to offering couples counseling and individual psychotherapy for anxiety and depression, we provide addiction and substance abuse counseling Westchester services as well. We have the recourses and experience you need to turn your gambling addiction on its head. To learn more about us, give The Center a call today at (914) 793-3388.