How To Transition Smoothly Out Of Love

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How To Transition Smoothly Out Of Love

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The Wonders Of Falling For Someone

Falling in love is a wonderful thing. For some, it only happens once in a lifetime. It’s exciting and brings forth emotions we didn’t know we were capable of feeling. Researchers have even submitted that it fundamentally changes our brain chemistry. Studies have found that love physically and emotionally energizes people. To the point where they require less sleep and your eating habits change. Love brings out the best in us. But it also brings out the worst in us. Those profound, energizing emotions we feel towards someone else usually don’t last more than a couple of years.

Unfortunately, this initial phase of love is only the beginning. The hard part is holding on to that love. And sometimes, quite often, the maintenance of love just isn’t worth the energy for either party. And that’s fine as well. Falling out of love is almost as common as falling in it. The real challenge is thus finding a way to fall out of love gracefully, maturely, and peacefully. It is at this point that some people can greatly benefit from the guidance of couples counseling and marriage counseling Westchester NY services.

The Misconceptions Of How Marriages And Relationships Often End

The common image of a relationship in its closing stages is one of drama and betrayal. We think of people with tension and aggressive emotions towards one another. This image isn’t necessarily inaccurate. But we do not speak frequently enough about the relationships that just simply fade into monotony. Falling out of love happens in a similar fashion to how the couple first fell in love. They do so naturally in such a way that doesn’t feel like either party is forcing it. Quite simply, they gradually cease to gravitate towards their partners how they once did.

With marriages, sooner or later, everyone encounters the question of whether they made the right decision. For some, the answer is a resounding yes. For most it’s somewhere between a yes and a no. And for quite a few, it’s a definitive no. For those in the latter category, transitioning back to life without your husband or wife is rarely easy. But it usually opens a doorway towards an exciting new phase of your life. The next time you commit to a relationship, you will be wiser than ever before.

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