Soul Mapping

Soul Mapping

by Nina H. Frost, Dr. Kenneth C. Ruge and Dr. Richard W. Shoup

Soul MappingOur Director, Dr. Richard Shoup has coauthored a new book with Dr. Kenneth Ruge (also of The Counseling Center) and Nina H. Frost.

The three are colleagues in a career transformation group known as the Vocare Group.

What is this book about? Well, it’s about you. When you are done with this book, you will have a greater sense of your ture welf than ever before.

Soul Mapping gives you a playful and profound way to capture all the parts of you – past and present – and also helps point you toward a future that is authentic, vital and inner directed.

Thanks to this inner-directed process, Soul Mapping is a self-help book with a difference – rather than urge you to follow a specific

formula or subscribe to the authors’ views, Soul Mapping helps you emerge with a thorough and surprising grasp of who you were, who you are, who you are becoming, and what parts of yourself you may need to retrieve. The fruits of this book will be different for each reader.

At the Vocare Group, we specialize in helping people discern their calling – the work they are meant to do. As counselors, we work with the psychological aspects of change and transition. As theologians, we are also vitally interested in the spiritual aspects of discovery and renewal.And as workshop leaders, we are always looking for exercises and tools that help people see themselves in new ways and make connections. Soul Mapping combines our three approaches: the psychological, the spiritual and the practical.We conceive it to elicit epiphanies and reveal connections between the various parts of your life. It’s confessional, directional, revealing, and healing. It’s also fun. Here’s how it works:

Part One: Creating your Soul Map

The first part of the book has ten chapters on key themes, each filled with thought-provoking exercises that help you sketch out who you were, who you are, and who you most want to be in terms of that theme. The ten resulting small maps form your large, always revealing Soul Map. The Introduction spells out the process in detail.

Part Two: Living Your Soul Map

This second part helps you integrate and implement the results of this book’s exercises. It looks at fear’s role in your life and teaches you how to read you overall map for the spiritual direction if provides.

The poet Raniner Maria Rilke once wrote: “And then come the knowing that in me there is a space for a second, large, and timeless life.”

That is the life Soul Mapping speaks to – in all its timelessness, mystery, and sheer singularity. Welcome to the discovery process; welcome to new ways of knowing yourself.

From the November 2000 Counseling Center Newsletter

A July/August 2001 review of Soul Mapping

“This extraordinary book takes a radically new approach to self-help. It presents a wonderful blend of left-brained psychology and right-brained spirituality. ‘Soul mapping helps you emerge with a thorough and surprising grasp of who you are, who you are becoming, and what parts of yourself you may need to retrieve,’ the authors write.

The process of soul mapping draws upon 10 ‘maps,’ including maps to there here and now, childhood and family, recreation and hobbies, life stories, favorite travels, envy, self-limiting belief, desires and dreams, and life surprises.

Nina H. Frost is a career counselor, and Dr. Kenneth C. Ruge and Dr. Richard W. Shoup are psychotherapists and ministers. They jointly run The Vocare Group, which presents workshops about career, calling, and values. The three authors include practical, thought-provoking exercises to explore every facet of readers’ past, present, and future experiences and to promote spiritual growth and healing. They also examine ways for readers to utilize the information gained in practical ways in their lives.

The Vocare Group is an organization designed to help people find their life’s purpose, so it is not surprising that Soul Mapping emphasizes individual mission. The authors write in a friendly, easygoing style that complements the supportive tone of the book. A rich resource list in the back of the book notes other books, audiotapes, and resources for further self-examination. Readers will appreciate the objective clarity Soul Mapping brings. Display the book with serenity fountains and tools for meditation or journeying.”

by Tayannah McQuillar
Independent reviewer
New York N.Y.
for the New Age Retailer.