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Newsletter Archive (PDFs)

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June 2007

Lynn Evansohn counsels individuals and families coping with the challenges of life transitions including marriage, parenting, second families, and geriatric management.

The Sandwich Generation is the subject of this month’s newsletter. Evansohn explores the stresses on family members who find themselves “sandwiched” between the responislbilties of caring for parents and children simultaneously.

The Counseling Center offers therapy services for all stages of life.

Life Cycle Transition
Divorce Recovery
Grief And Bereavement Counseling


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March 2007

The Counseling Center has expanded its “Clergy Support and Wellness Program” as a continuing part of its mission to the Westchester community. The new “Seminar Series” will present three programs this year to assist clergy and congregations in their ministry.

The Counseling Center is dedicated to the health and spiritual well being of our clients. We offer


October 2006

The challenges and opportunities presented by second families are explored in this article by John Hagedorn, Ph.D.
Find out more about the Counseling Center family support services.
Child & Family Therapy
Marriage Counseling

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February 2006