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The Guilty Secret of Distracted Parenting

Your phone can seem to call to you in an especially seductive way when you are a parent on playground duty… More


Should You Tell Your Teen You Tried Alcohol or Drugs?

Being honest with your children without making any past recklessness sound entertaining can help them make smarter… More

13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

When it comes to marriage, what you don’t know really can hurt you… More

The Launch to College and the Art of Disconnecting

We live in an age where being “out of reach” is practically impossible. With cell phones and social media… More


The Role of Psychotherapy in Mental Health Treatment
The world of mental health has changed dramatically in recent decades. More and more mental illness has been… More


When Depression Becomes Lethal
In the wake of the tragic suicide of Robin Williams, once again mental health issues are front and center–in particular… More


The Sandwich Generation: Living the Intergenerational Dilemma with Intimacy and Compassion
Most of us don’t reflect on the challenges of the “Sandwich generation” until we receive the phone call which sounds something like this: “We have your mother here in the ER with a broken hip and she’s asking for you.” More

Facing the Holidays: The Stress of Mandatory Happiness

There is a great deal written about why the holidays are such a stressful time and about what we all must do to minimize the stress. More

Children and the Back-to School Jitters

Signs that a child is experiencing some anxiety around the return to school generally come in two forms, somatic and behavioral. More


Controlling Anger — Before it Controls You!
We all know what anger is, and we’ve all felt it: whether as a fleeting annoyance or as full-fledged rage. More


Ethics in Parenting and the Sanctity of small moments
Written by Jennifer Naparstek Klein, Psy.D., of our staff. More

For Worse, Then for Better.

Why facing stressful life events early in coupledom can lead to longevity. More


Is Marriage Good for Your Health
In 1858, a British epidemiologist named William Farr set out to study what he called the “conjugal condition” of people of France. He divided the adult population into three distinct categories: the “married” More


Talking with Children When the Talking Gets Tough
Though the article was written during the summer of 2000, the information is relevant to coping with childrens’ reaction to the 9/11/2001 attack on New York City. More


Time-Starved Kids in a Hustle-Bustle World
Written by Jennifer Naparstek Klein, Psy.D., of our staff. More


The Goal of Couple Therapy
The goal of couple therapy is the fostering of vulnerability between partners, thus strengthening the emotional bond between them. More

A Definition of Pastoral Counseling

Certified pastoral counselors are mental health professionals who have had in-depth religious and/or theological training. More