The Counseling Center is Here and Available to See People…

The Counseling Center is Here and Available to See People…

By The Staff of The Counseling Center


Over the past months, life has changed in dramatic and unprecedented ways for us all.  We are faced with a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty about the future.  For many, the earlier days of the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantining focused mainly on gathering family and attending to the physical demands of being in quarantine:  How do I shop for food?  Do I have the right products to keep my physical space disinfected and safe? How do I move my work and my children’s education into a virtual world?


As the weeks turn into months, many are feeling more and more of the emotional effects of this crisis.  People might be facing new levels of anxiety, depression, irritability, grief and anger.  It is natural for the mental health effects of trauma to be delayed and so, two and a half months into this pandemic, many are feeling worse emotionally, not better.


The staff of The Counseling Center is here to be of help during this difficult time.  All staff members are working virtually and are available for appointments.  We treat all ages and see both individuals and couples.


If you are feeling that you or a loved one could benefit from Covid-19 support at this time, please give us a call.  You may want to be seen for just a few sessions…. or for a longer stretch.  We are flexible and will help you figure out what would be most helpful.  Even if you aren’t sure that you need or want to be seen by a mental health professional, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you think it through.


For more information, call Dr. Jane Benjamin, Clinical Director, The Counseling Center, at (914) 793-3388 ext. 122.