2020 Annual Benefit Honors Doug Cruikshank

The Counseling Center’s 2020 Annual Benefit

Honors Doug Cruikshank

Long-time Bronxville resident Doug Cruikshank will be honored at The Counseling Center’s Annual Benefit on Saturday, Oct 17, 2020, at the Bronxville Field Club. Doug’s deep connection to Bronxville and commitment to community service, including his many years on the board of The Counseling Center, make him a natural and enthusiastic choice as honoree.

Doug’s family has a long history in the village; his two children are the third generation to be raised here. Although as a teenager he left town for boarding school, followed by college and business school, he returned with his wife Lisa to help raise their family and pursue a career in finance.  At Aberdeen Standard he manages the Hark Capital Fund Franchise.  He has served on the boards of numerous local organizations, including the Bronxville Adult School, Al Amana, and the Bronxville Field Club.  Currently, Doug serves on the board of the Community Fund.  Additionally, he has mentored and counseled a veteran as part of the American Corporate Partnership program which helps veterans transition into business positions.  His dedication to community service reflects his belief that his neighbors are not just residents of Bronxville but include all those in the wider area who may not be as privileged as those right next door.

Doug’s enthusiasm for the work of  The Counseling Center, where he was treasurer for some time, arises from experiences all during his school years when peer counseling and participation in hotlines raised his awareness of how essential good mental health is to one’s overall well-being, and how easily it can be overlooked.

Within the community Doug is also known for his love of racquet sports, especially tennis, squash, and paddle, sports his whole family enjoys and by all accounts plays very well.  At Siwanoy Country Club and the Field Club he has forged enduring friendships.  He considers himself an aspiring golfer and piano player. After disliking piano lessons as a kid, he took the challenge up again as an adult when his daughter began playing at age six. According to Doug, his daughter is now a good piano player and he is still aspiring.  Next year, both of his children will be attending Denison University.

Thanks to the generosity of five families who are sponsoring this year’s benefit, all of the proceeds from the 2020 gala will go to support the important work of The Counseling Center.  In particular proceeds will contribute to The Center’s Fee Subsidy Program, which allows the professional staff to offer critical services, including psychotherapy, marriage counseling, family and child therapy, and pastoral counseling to those who are unable to afford full-fee treatment. This program provides enormous relief to members of the community who are struggling with difficult life issues and often overwhelming stress.

Says Carol Godfrey, chair of the board, “More and more people are discovering what a vital resource they have in The Counseling Center.  The therapists on our staff are exceptional for the quality of care they offer, their many years of experience, and the wide range of ages they are able to treat. Through a well-funded fee subsidy program, we can offer our expertise to more people, making a positive difference in their lives, and in those whose lives they touch.”

Virgil Roberson, L.P., M. Div., NCPsyA, Executive Director, says: “Some people come to The Center with serious mental health challenges.  We specialize in treating major depression, anxiety/panic disorder, eating disorders, bi-polar illness, self-injury, addiction, and many others.  Sometimes short-term, focused psychotherapy is appropriate, and in other cases, longer term, more intensive therapy is the best approach.  In addition, many clients seek help with normal life challenges.  All of us face difficult situations, and often it helps to speak to an objective, impartial person who is not a friend or family member.”

Roberson adds, “I’m especially excited to be honoring Doug Cruikshank at the 2020 benefit.  Doug has been a good friend for many years, and his work on various boards is exemplary.  His energy and enthusiasm will bring an extra spark of excitement to the benefit.”

Godfrey, adds, “I’m thrilled to honor Doug, whose sustained commitment to organizations within the greater Bronxville community, including The Counseling Center, have helped them continue their important work.  I so enjoy his friendship, and look forward to honoring him at The Counseling Center’s Annual Benefit.”

The Counseling Center, a nonprofit organization, offers a warm, safe, and confidential place to get help.  It has offices in The Reformed Church of Bronxville, as well as in Scarsdale, Riverdale, and New York City.  For more information, visit counselingcenter.org or call Clinical Director, Dr. Jane Benjamin, 914-793-3388.

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