How to Help Loved Ones Who Are Depressed

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How to Help Loved Ones Who Are Depressed

Depression is a mental health disorder that can be very difficult to overcome without the proper treatment and support. That’s why it’s so important to reach out when you see a loved who seems to be depressed. Managing depression will ultimately be up to the person who is struggling, however, any support and encouragement that you can provide will make a huge difference during your loved one’s recovery. Additionally, depression counseling can be a great option. If you are seeking depression counseling in Westchester, NY, the Counseling Center would love the opportunity to help. Below, let’s take a look at a few ways you can help loved ones that are suffering from depression.


  1. Be Careful when Trying to Cheer the Person Up

Depression is a complex disorder that can have a variety of root causes. You might think that trying to cheer your loved one up by reminding them of the good things in their life is a great idea, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. Emphasizing all of the wonderful things life has to offer may only reinforce the person’s feelings of guilt and inadequacy because the depressed person will often lack the ability to access these positive feelings. Simply acknowledging that your loved one is in pain and unhappy can at times be more important than trying to cheer them up. And because when a person is in a depression, he or she often has a distorted sense of TIME and believes the depression will last forever, it is important to remind the person that treatment will help and that depression is time limited.


  1. Be There for Them

This is another important thing to remember when you notice that a loved one is depressed. It’s crucial to simply be there for your loved one. By standing by their side during this difficult time, you are showing them that you care about them and that they are not alone in their fight to recover. Being there for your loved one can take many forms. It might be simply asking how they are doing and really listening without judgment. It might be buying them their favorite meal. It might be helping them link up with depression counseling in Tuckahoe, NY. As long as you are doing something, you are helping.


  1. Ask About Suicidal Thoughts

Many people think that asking their loved ones about suicidal thoughts is a bad idea. It is obviously a touchy subject and some people are reluctant to raise the issue. However, it’s better to be clear and honest with a loved one about potential suicidal thoughts that they might be having. You can’t trigger suicidal thoughts just by asking about it. If you know the specifics, you will have a much better opportunity to help your loved one get the right kind of mental health care quickly.