How To Recognize Addiction And Where To Go From Here


How To Recognize Addiction And Where To Go From Here

Addiction at its core, albeit to varying degrees, is something that all humans must encounter. in life. That’s why, if you’ve found yourself battling dependency on a substance that, in its abuse, is damaging to your physical and mental health, know that you need not feel ashamed or embarrassed. Instead, you should feel empowered by the fact that you have taken the responsibility to recognize it and are ready to tackle it head on. However, in order to take that first step toward recovery, one must first understand the issue. One must learn to recognize that he or she has crossed the line into the realm of addiction. Here are a few signs/symptoms that it’s time to seek substance abuse counseling Westchester NY services.

1. You Continue To Use Despite Awareness Of The Damage You’re Doing To Your Body

Granted, most people have an abstract idea prior to initially taking a controlled substance that it isn’t exactly healthy. The difference is when you start to recognize the warning signs reflecting on yourself. And then you choose to continue using anyway. This is one of the earliest signs that you’re no longer consuming the drug merely for recreation.

2. You’ve Had Failed Attempts At Quitting And Have Experienced Withdrawal

If you have unsuccessfully tried at least once to leave this substance behind, that’s a flag. That should demonstrate that maybe you don’t have as much control over this substance as you’d initially thought. Moreover, if you’ve noticed alterations in your body and mood while trying to quit, that should also tip you off. Your body has developed a dependency on it. You may experience crankiness, more difficulty focusing than normal, depression, lashing out, and an intense craving to relapse.

3. You’ve Experienced Alterations In Appetite

Depending on the individual and the substance, you may experience an increase or decrease in appetite. As a result, you may notice yourself losing or gaining large amounts of weight in short periods of time while your body works to adjust to not having access to the substance. This is something to keep an eye on, as your physical health is at risk in the time that you body needs to adapt to these unfamiliar circumstances.

4. Consuming This Substance Has Taken Priority Over Other Healthier Activities And Hobbies That Used To Interest You

If you find yourself sacrificing social gatherings, going out, getting exercise, and other kinds of activities that once interested you so that you can instead get high or drunk, that means it’s time to take it seriously. Most people start taking a drug or drinking in social settings. If at some point you transitioned into a headspace where you’d rather consume this substance alone, rather than enjoy the company of others, that means it’s time to seek help.

What To Do Now

There are a number of options for taking initial steps towards recovery that vary depending on the individual, his or her personal circumstances, and the substance on which he or she has developed an addiction. But regardless of the circumstances, you can always count on the Counseling Center to be there for in times of need. We specialize in providing substance abuse counseling Westchester NY services. We are a group of 9 seasoned therapists with all of the expertise you need to help you get your feet back on the ground. Furthermore, if you find that your addiction has developed to the point that it is having effects on your body and you’re concerned about your physical wellbeing, we can direct you to the best and most appropriate health centers and resources.

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