Is Your Therapist Right For You?

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Is Your Therapist Right For You?

Counseling Center offers psychotherapy Westchester NY services to couples, individuals who are battling substance abuse, professionals seeking career guidance, and more.

Nobody said that therapy was supposed to be easy. On the contrary, truly looking inward, and furthermore actively addressing and combating your issues head on can be one of the greatest challenges one faces in life. It takes a great deal of strength and courage, which is why you should be proud of yourself for taking the leap. The last thing you need, after having devoted such time and energy to self-improvement, is to find that the person you’ve designated to facilitate such progress is lacking the necessary skillset. But how can you really know whether it’s all in your head or if you really aren’t making the progress that you should be? If you notice any of the following patterns with your therapist, then it’s probably time for a change.

No Connection

Speaking to a therapist is an opportunity to relinquish that weight you carry with you throughout the day. Albeit, in the earliest sessions, you have every right to set boundaries with a stranger asking you about your deepest secrets. But little by little, you should establish a certain sense of trust with this person. If those boundaries stay up for several months, and you still feel uncomfortable revealing anything to your therapist, he or she may not be the right person for you.

No Boundaries

There’s also the other side of the spectrum, in which the therapist refuses to allow the patient the space that he or she is entitled to. If you feel your therapist is insisting on on you telling him or her things to an extent with which you are not comfortable, that should tip you off that there’s something wrong. Getting to a place in which you are comfortable discussing your personal life is a process. It takes a different amount of time for each person. Your therapist’s should have the patience to let you reach that point at your own pace.

Too Much Revealed About The Therapist

You are a client. And you are seeing this person to resolve a problem. If you notice your therapist talking in excess about his or her personal life, revealing personal details instead of focusing on your problems, then you are probably wasting your time and money. If you have trouble making friends, then that can be something you discuss with your therapist. But at no point should you consider this person your personal friend over your therapist. And if he or she ever gives you that impression, then you should grab a cup of coffee together for free and go find yourself someone who will do the job right.


You may be revealing parts of you to another person for the first time in your life. Naturally, such revelations can be guilt inducing. It is your therapist’s job to help you work through the things that you feel guilty about. There will be no progress if you ever feel that upon revealing something personal to your therapist that he or she is reinforcing that guilt, instead of assisting you in working through it.

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